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Cider x WonderPals

Gen Z fashion brand Cider and Web3 IP WonderPals collaborated to launch 12 distinct digital collectibles showcasing charming Pals dressed in Cider's clothing. The collaboration also introduced fashionable merchandise and engaging AR filters. Yubin played a key role in designing and conceptualizing the character designs for the Pals, creating mockups for the fashion merchandise, developing social media assets, paid ADs, and various animations.

Cider x Zepeto

Cider and virtual social space mobile app Zepeto cooperated to unveil digital fashion collections and a virtual world. Yubin created posters, key visuals for media publicity, in-app social media assets, and styled avatars using Cider's unique digital items.

Cider x 8SIAN

Cider and 8SIAN, an NFT brand known for its beautiful Asian-inspired art, collaborated to release a collection of 30 NFTs. Yubin designed and illustrated the NFTs, incorporating diverse looks and showcasing Cider's summer collectives in a virtual gallery. She also created various promotional materials for social channels.

Cider x SuperNormal x Waterbomb

Cider and SuperNormal, a Web3 IP, collaborated to host a physical event at the Korea Waterbomb festival. Yubin and the SuperNormal team worked together to co-design the physical booth for the event. She also designed various graphic posts to promote the event on social media channels and created fashion merchandise, including tattoos and bandanas designs, specifically for the event.